The Day I Met Lauren James

The Day I Met Lauren James

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a little obsessed with the fashion designer, Lauren James (Lauren Stokes). Not in the weird “I know what hospital she was born in” kind of way or anything, just like the, “I follow her on every social media account I have” kind. She makes southern style boutique clothing and she is, in my opinion, life goals.

About a two years ago, when I was at a track meet, I actually got to meet her. We had a break in the schedule before my friend, who I was there to watch, ran again. So her mom and I decided to go the mall to waste time. When we walked in, there was a huge sign that said,


Y’all - I was dead.

Of course, her mom had no idea who she was and did not understand why I was freaking out. Even so, I went upstairs and met her and she was seriously awesome! I even got a picture with her after much convincing from my boyfriend to go ask her for one.

I came back and showed my friend the picture after her track meet and she also didn’t know who she was. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that some of my closest friends didn’t even know who Lauren James was! I told them probably way more than they cared to know, but I didn’t care. Now they knew who she was.

However, literally two days after, Lauren posted a live Q&A and someone asked her what her biggest pet peeve was. Y’all remember I was at a track meet when I met this lady.. like full on sweaty hair, gross clothes, and everything.

Well her biggest pet peeve was, and I quote;

“When people dress too casually, like wear leggings and a T-shirt and count it as an outfit”

Once again, I was dead.

I was seriously so sad! I had met someone who was so important tin my head and I was doing something she hates when I did!! I was so embarrassed.

I am over it now (kind of..) but I was looking back on this the other day and I realized something.

If I had walked into the mall that day, and there was a sign that said,


What would I have done?

I, for sure, would have been just as embarrassed that I wasn’t wearing appropriate clothing. But what worried me most was that I realized I am just as unprepared to meet Christ as I was to meet Lauren.

You see if Lauren had said before I met her that her biggest pet peeve was casual clothes, knowing what I was wearing that day, I most likely wouldn’t have gone upstairs. But I didn’t know, and I met her anyway, figuring it out later.

Jesus, however, has told me exactly what he expects of me for when we meet, yet I do not try nearly as hard to meet these requirements. This is bad, especially since I could walk into a mall any day (or any minute) now and it be judgement day. Except on that day, we will not have the option to walk upstairs.

To add to this, when my friends didn’t know who Lauren was, I just told them everything to possibly know. Well, I can promise you I do not do this every time someone doesn’t know Christ. In fact, I get scared that a person will reject me for talking about Him or that I might scare them away by being a “Jesus freak.”

I hope I’m not alone here, and that you, too can relate to purposely ignoring things God has asked of us.

We need to start thinking about meeting God, and being ready to do so. He is waaaaay better than Lauren James, Taylor Swift, or even (Insert your favorite celebrities name here). Yes, even them!!

So shouldn’t we start acting like it!?

Let’s start freaking out about our God. Let’s tell people non-stop about the things he does in our life. Let be ready to meet him. Let’s listen to the pet peeves he has already told us, and more importantly, let’s act on them.

Who knows, we could be meeting him any day now!

I’m a senior at Faulkner majoring in English with a minor in Counseling Psychology. After school I plan on teaching high-school English and marrying Gerren Wasden! - Calli

I’m a senior at Faulkner majoring in English with a minor in Counseling Psychology. After school I plan on teaching high-school English and marrying Gerren Wasden!